In order to know the expenses of property purchase we ought to differentiate between new and old constructions.


Notary office expenses:


The notary office involves certain costs, due to the intervention of the Notary, public affidavit in the purchase transaction. The notary tariffs, also known as notary fees, are approved by the government and are the same for all the Spanish notaries. The fees depend on the amount declared in the Deed, so that it can vary depending the extend of the Deed, and the number of copies that have been requested.

If we are going to need a mortgage loan for the purchase, we will have to sign twice (for the purchase and also for the mortgage loan). In this case the expenses will be the double. (Unless the purchase’s transaction carries a subrogation in the mortgage loan, and then it is done in the same document).

Estimated cost: 450 – 1.500 €

Taxes :

In case of house of new construction, the purchase is subjected to the payment of V.A.T. (I.V.A.). The normal percentage is 10%, and involves also the payment of A.J.D. (document duty), between 0,5 and 1,5% of the purchase, depending on each Spanish autonomic region.

In case of used houses, the purchase is subjected to the payment of the I.T.P. (Spanish tax on property transfers). The normal percentage is 7% and 10% of the registered value, but it may vary from region to region.


When a mortgage loan is needed, both in case of purchase of used and new built dwelling, the I.A.J.D (document duty) must always be paid for the creation of this loan. The general percentage is from 0,5 to 1,5% of the registered value, but can vary from region to region.



Valuation of property expenses:

It is legally required, when buying a property, that the property has to be valued by an independent, and accredited by the Bank of Spain, Valuation Company.

Estimated cost: 250-450 €


Register expenses:

There are also expenses in connection with the inscription of the property in the Property Registry. They are also fixed by law, and they can vary, depending on the value of the purchase transaction. As in the previous case, the expenses can be doubled if we request a mortgage loan to buy the house.

Administrative Agency’s expenses:

This is an optional expense (only if we wish to use their services). The amount of their cost depends on the fees they charge. The administrative agency will assist us in all the administrative tasks. They will, in our name, attend requests from the notary office, tax office, property register, valuation office, etc… It is highly recommended to use their services, since this is a complex transaction process.

Estimated cost: 250-450 €