• Bolsa inmobiliaria

    Real Estate Portal

    This is the forum where offers and demands of real state from all the Agencies in our network meet together, multiplying the possibilities for buy, sell or rent your property.

  • Bolsa inmobiliaria

    Real estate valuations

    Property valuations carefully estimated by high qualified professionals, in order to make aware privates and companies the value of their properties, so that they can efficiently defend their positions.

  • Bolsa inmobiliaria

    Legal valutations

  • Bolsa inmobiliaria


    The arbitration in real estate matters is ruled by the Law 60/2003 of 23th December.

  • Madiación habitale


    Mediation in private and trade matters is ruled by the Law 5/2012 of 6th. July.

  • Financiación habitale


    We have a specific department, which sole purpose is the management and deal of mortgage loans, so that we have exclusive agreements with the main bank entities in the country, with the best and most advantageous conditions for our clients. In certain cases, it can be financed the total value of the property transaction.